of Ideas.

We’ve been working in advertising since 2003.
Our agency is one of TOP-20 effective and
TOP-10 creative agencies of Ukraine, and it’s the only Kharkiv-based prize winner of international advertising festivals in Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

Our philosophy

We believe in the force of Ideas. We’re sure that the winners are always those brands that are built on big Ideas, as well as on common human values. Only such brands change the rules to the game. Only such brands become legendary. Only such brands push our world forward, develop markets and win over hearts.

5th in the category Best of Design
7th in the category Best of PR projects
9th in the category Best of Film

— TOP10 of creativity rating among Ukrainian agencies
— TOP20 of effectiveness rating among Ukrainian agencies
— Golden Hammer (Riga), silver
— Art Directors Club, ADC*UA Awards, silver and bronze
— Moscow Advertising Festival, silver
Cacadu Awards, gold, bronze and two bronze
— White Square (Minsk), silver and bronze
— Direct Hit, two bronzes
— Kyiv Advertising Festival, two silver ones
— Members of Art Directors Club Ukraine


From the very beginning of the agency’s existence we loved creating Ideas that surprise, shock, involve, and change behavior patterns of people. This love grew to become our main profile - development of trademarks and ad concepts for their promotion.

It’s not our thing at all to do exclusively festival tasks, and we couldn’t care less about creating pretty pictures and projects for the sake of our fellow professionals’ approval. That’s why our main profile today is solving business tasks of our clients with the help of creative tools.

— We’ll go for broke for the idea’s sake!
— We believe in the holy trinity: fun, entertainment, be stupid
— We always try to turn to emotions, because we believe that emotions are stronger than logic
— We don’t believe in impossible tasks
— We always plan the way our idea will keep on living after the project finishes
— We don’t work for the customer — we work with one


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