Series of pre-rolls for TM "Yelli"

Exotic cooking with Yelli became easier. It almost registered in the home kitchen. And now you don’t have to go to a restaurant to have an American chowder or Indian masurdal. But it was difficult for customer to put up with this fact because of the barrier: exotic means hard to cook. That’s what we were working on in the video.

We found out a funny insight: when you’re cooking something complicated, you’re standing at the stove for a long time, you’re cleaning, cutting, crushing, pouring in, grinding, brewing– you’re sweating as you’re working out. That’s why we decided to show that cooking an exotic soup with Yelli would be such a simple exercise. At the same time we associated with a healthy lifestyle where our product was a full first course.

And a friendly crazy chef in the lead role not only became a source of joy for the agency, but also increased the viewing time of the pre-roll.

Production: ESSE Production House


    • Shortlist at Kakadu Awards Festival
    • Shortlist of ADC*UA Awards Art Directors Club
    • Shortlist at Ad Black Sea International Advertising Festival


    Yelli is a brand created from scratch in our agency. In several years, we made the way from developing a future strategy of the brand, creating a name, logo, package line-up and visual attributes, to numerous advertising campaigns online and offline. We started our work when Yelli was a small unknown brand from Karelia. Today Yelli is an international product, sold in 25 countries of the CIS, Europe and across 1500 hypermarkets in USA. To cut a long story short, we’re proud of it.