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In PVC windows market of post-Soviet countries, the situation is unsound - thanks to many years of German and pseudo-German brands advertising activity, the buyer has a firm opinion that only German windows can be of high quality. How can a new Belarusian brand Dexen with English roots challenge the Germans?

While solving the task, we asked ourselves "Why do people buy windows at all?" Basically, of course, they do it to protect themselves from bad weather outside – rain, summer heat, winter cold, wind and hail. After analyzing weather conditions in different European countries, we found out that the Brits (not Germans) suffer the most from severe weather conditions. So who, if not the real experts on bad weather, can be entrusted with the comfort maintenance in one’s home?

You can challenge the Brits on Dexen website.


    • Gold at “Ukrainian the very best of” contest
    • Silver at Kiev International Advertising Festival
    • Silver at White Square International Advertising Festival
    • Bronze at Kakadu Awards Festival
    • Shortlist at Golden Drum International Advertising Festival