Heinz is a ketchup, making ordinary things extraordinary good for 145 years. The new Heinz formula enriches the taste of any food as it got even more tomatoes, which means more delicious. Our task was to deliver this message in a short TV commercial and pre-rolls.

Sooner or later all of us come across a situation where food becomes boring. You do not expect it to be delicious anymore, only filling and quick. We decided to show how the usual home dinner could change with Heinz. How it becomes so tasty that you close your eyes with pleasure. And at this point the last thing you want is to be disturbed. Who will look after the plate while you are enjoying the new taste of the usual food? We committed this task to a Tastekeeper – a hero who embodied a serious and responsible approach of Heinz to its job.

Production: ESSE Production House


We were struggling during the shooting to make cat Prince raise his paw the way we needed. And, apparently, it was not in vain. The study of effectiveness of the advertising campaign showed that the video became the leader among the other similar ketchup adverts. Besides, it was more attractive (10%), more relevant (9%) and more convincing (6%) than the video of the nearest competitor.

At the same time, the Top-of-mind indicator increased by 10%, Unaided brand awareness - by 17%, premium positioning of Heinz brand increased by 11%, and viewers are now 17% more confident that their dinner will be great with ketchup.

The video successfully communicates the main qualities of the product: "unique taste" (+10% comparing to the numbers before the broadcast), "high quality of the product" (+10%), "natural ingredients" (+10%), "high quality ingredients" (+11%), "value for money" (+ 9%).

Result: the client is 100% satisfied, and we are 200% proud.