Stir. Eat.
Series of pre-rolls for TM «Yelli»

Another autumn advertising campaign for our friends, Yelli brand of "Yarmarka" company. This time we were solving two problems at once: showing the easy cooked Yelli soups and developing the idea for ​​a series of pre-rolls, which would allow the brand to create endless new plots without additional costs.

And we came up with the idea and structure of the videos built on Internet memes - an endless resource of user content and vivid plots. We complemented them with the slogan delivering the main message of the campaign.

The result of the campaign: the percentage of pre-rolls views was 67%, and the cost of broadcasting dropped more than twice – from 1.39 to 0.60 RUB.

Production: ESSE Production House and PifPaf Production

Yelli is a brand created from scratch in our agency. In several years, we made the way from developing a future strategy of the brand, creating a name, logo, package line-up and visual attributes, to numerous advertising campaigns online and offline. We started our work when Yelli was a small unknown brand from Karelia. Today Yelli is an international product, sold in 25 countries of the CIS, Europe and across 1500 hypermarkets in USA. To cut a long story short, we’re proud of it.