Here is a quick update from the production partner. We’ve just accomplished one more project and helped HASHTAG with the implementation of their idea for Aqua Maris video.

We’ve also cracked several personal records doing numerous things for the first time as well as expanded our internal limits of stress resistance. Just to be more precise:

  • the time frame between the request and the release surpassed nine months for the first time ever (Hello, lockdown)
  • built our first nasal cavity
  • designed and created our first water constructions
  • conducted an additional casting after the additional one
  • rescheduled the shooting so that each of the top three actors could take part
  • our producers had to sleep over at the set for the first time in their lives
  • filmed a small fish
  • cooperated with the external production team (Hello, Chupacabra)
  • successfully accomplished the quest “Weekend Lockdown” upon building the decorations
  • our stylist almost finished the thesis on “that exact pink dress”
  • drove 100+ km to find the perfect fabric
  • fell head over heels in love with the heavy smoke
  • tried the theatrical make-up
  • filmed probably the most product-oriented video in Ukraine


As a summary:

1. The right team is the answer. Huge thanks to our iron men and women.
2. It’s cool to film someone else’s ideas. If they are cool, of course.

There are 38 bottles of the product in the video. Would you dare to find all of them?

CLIENT: Aqua Maris (JGL Ukraine)

Elena Peretyatko  Marketing Manager;
Aleksandr Shakin
Senior Product Manager;


Andrei Mishchenko Creative Head;
Maria Kochmaruk
Cheaf Executive Officer;
Aleksandr Savin
Design Head;
Mikhail Traverse
Strategy Director;
Maria Push
Project Manager;
Galina Srilchuk
— Media Manager;

Production: Arriba! Production

Lada Sabova — Director;
Pasha Itkin
Meryam Yol 
Denis Galushka
Producer & Сasting;
Yulia Derke
Art Director;
Lena Vyazovskaya
Art Department & Сasting;
Kamylla Ahysheva
Valeriy Karmaza
Виталий Бачако
Pavel Likhota
Focus Puller;
Igor Pravik
Camera Engineer;

Nastia Silevko, Eva Tur Makeup;
Valeria Kuzmenko
Nadia Digalevich
Roman Tkachuk
Water constructions;
Danil Garenskikh
Making of;
Vlad Chernolyasov
Backstage Photo & Best Boy;
Artem Vusik, Lyudmila Kulakevich, Nina Batovskaya

Sound: 4Ears Sound Production

Vasyl Yavtushenko Location sound recordist;
Supervising sound editor
Vasyl Yavtushenko;
Sound editing
Pavlo Melnyk;
Foley by
Viacheslav Zabashta;

PX Rental
Technical Support;
Mental Complex Studio


Viktor Romanyuk Post Production Producer;
Viktor Romanyuk, Lada Sabova
Vadim Gapon
Color grading;
Vadim Gapon, Ivan Salenko
3D Artist;
Olesya Gapon, Aleksandr Denisenko
VFX Composers.