Brand Mon, a manufacturer of children's games and puzzles, is our new client. We developed its positioning, a slogan and shot a video.


Having analyzed the market of children's board games, we discovered the pain point of modern parents. It is a feeling of guilt for not playing with their children. Instead of real-life communication with mom and dad, the child gets computer games, animators or clubs.

This behavior has two reasons. First, most games are boring. Most often, they have only one game plot. Adults run away from children into their smartphones just to avoid laying out the same blocks for the tenth time. The second reason is that the games end quickly. Even if the child became interested in the character of the puzzle, the parents do not know how to support and develop this interest.


We decided to address the pain point of parents with our product. Let alone, product features allow that. Each of our games has several game plots, which solves the problem of boredom. A well-thought-out hint system gives parents tips on how to continue the game even after it ends. After all, you can not only assemble a puzzle with an animal, but also learn how to draw it, make it from plasticine, or go to the zoo to see it in person.

We decided to highlight these points and developed a brand value proposition:

“Mon is family games and puzzles that engage not only children but also parents.”


For the slogan, we use the idea that if the same game can be played again and again, then Mon means endless games. And at the end of the game, the parents do not tell the children that the game is over. They say - let's go on. Let’s play again. Play On.


The future video was supposed to be the first communication of the brand, so we decided to focus on the story of why Mon was created and how it differs from others. And in order to be remembered the very first time, we decided to speak a simple and understandable language. We found out that the simplest language, at least due to their age, is used by children, our main audience. So children became the main characters of our video.

This story is a manifesto for adults on behalf of children. A manifesto on how children faced a lack of parental attention, confidently took charge and created Mon brand. The games and puzzles they created are so interesting that parents will play with the children again and again.


In late January, the video was supposed to be used at an international exhibition in Germany, so the shooting was superfast. We came up with the idea in four days, found 25 actors in nine days, 17 of them were children. We spent two days on the set and seven more in the office during post-production.

As a result, we received a great feedback from the actors and their parents, and Mon got the first image-based communication they managed to deliver to international exhibition on time.

Customer speaks

"Well, what can I say, Arriba! became our family during the last couple of months. That’s the time the team needed to get all our wishes, thoughts and ideas about a new brand we’ve been carrying for over a year, but could not make it into something real and understandable for our customers. Yulia, Oleg, Olya, Mary, Staska, Vlad, Sergey, Max and everybody whom we haven’t met personally, thank you, you are great professionals and great people. Working with you is comfortable and easy, everything is fast and professional – it’s a perfect combination. See you all soon, it’s just the beginning".

Olena Terpay, Co-Founder of Mon

Client: MON 

Elena Terpay, co-founder.

Idea, production: Arriba! 

Lada SabovaDirector;
Paul ItkinDOP;
Meriam Yol, Denis GalushkaProducers;
Inna Alimova — Art Director;
Lena Vyazovskaya, Max ParamArt Department;
Maria Bliznyuk  Storyboards;
Konstantin Goncharov 1st Camera Engineer;
Vlad Chernolyasov Camera Engineer;
Julia Gapon  Account Manager;

Olya Nagornaya Timing Manager;
Lada SabovaEditor;
Artur KozhevnikColor Grading;
Mikhail Krinitskiy Gaffer;
Denis FedorenkoLight;
Valeriy Sollieri Sound;
Ilona Golubeva Style;
Gleb Serdyuk Making of;
Victoria Bugrova, Anya Zavalyaeva Camera Assistant;
Kristina Rudik, Maria Grigorova Helper;
Victoria Evseeva Legal Support;

Mam.Rental, Mental Complex StudioTechnical Support;