Ukrainian furniture is soulful.

If we are talking about Ukrainian furniture, we should talk about Ukrainians, their little everyday stories, definitely soulful.

In the new videos we shot for the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, we are talking exactly about soulfulness. The soulfulness our furniture is created with.

The video was created for the Ukrainian and European markets. We want to introduce the European audience to Ukrainian culture, talk about DakhaBrakha folk band, the aroma of fresh borsch with salo, the specifics of the language in different regions; our identity in music, food, words; our cultural code of Ukraine.


I like to transform inanimate objects into full-fledged characters in my work. Therefore, the idea of talking chairs immediately won over being funny and easy to implement. In our series I wanted to reproduce a sense of comfort and soulfulness, but at the same time exquisiteness. We achieved the desired effect with the help of warm light out of the window, eye-catching backgrounds, a slow pull back and a light background track.

Lada Sabova, director.

Production: Arriba! Production

Lada SabovaDirector;
Staska Padalka Copywriter;
Paul ItkinDOP;
Meryam Yol, Denis GalushkaProducers;
Vitaly Bachako — Gaffer;
Konstantin Goncharov1st Assistant Camera;
Valery Sollieri — Sound;
Vlad Chernolyasov — Color Grading;