Clean up your marketing
Remarketing campaign

Since 2017, the international advertising and marketing festival Remarketing is held twice a year: once a year was not enough to support the motivation and cheerfulness of marketing specialists in Kharkiv. We saw the twinkle in the eyes of our colleagues fading and blinking just after few months. Therefore, as a creative partner of the festival, we undertook a mission of explaining the gravity of the situation.

We built a campaign on the insight: you do not notice small changes if you observe them every day. So all your marketing may fall down without you noticing if you do not support it all the time.

    In order to attract the attention of the audience, we focused on its exaggerated generalized character. It was a marketing specialist Dima, who decided that he had been around the block, so he stopped leveling up his skills. His gradual transformation was a key visual image. We wanted everything to be real. So we found a real marketing specialist and persuaded him to become the face of the campaign. And then we forbid him to shave and get his hair cut for three months. His girlfriend has not forgiven us yet.

    We’ve taken Dima’s pictures as his character almost every day for three months. Even when our actor was distracted by health problems, the team with equipment went to his place. Therefore, in some pictures the pain in Dima's eyes is real. Fresh shots were published in a separate Instagram account, and the captions told how his marketing is going down step by step.

    The story continued on the website. On the main page you could see the latest picture of Dima in his worst shape. As you were scrolling through the website, viewing the program and speakers, Dima was getting back to his normal shape.

    The culmination of the campaign was the reverse transformation of the character at the festival. For this purpose a hairdresser's armchair was installed in the hall and a barber "cleaned up his marketing" in front of the guests. For the X Anniversary Remarketing Festival, we created a corporate identity, print adverts, video commercial, banners for contextual advertising, and we had been posting in the official Instagram account six days a week for three months.