Ukrainian market of low-energy light bulbs is overloaded with bright, colorful and visually outdated brands. Therefore, in order to stand out, a manufacturer has to be as simple and clear as possible. We developed a brand name, corporate identity and packaging that make the product in every way affordable for Ukrainian company producing LED bulbs.

Exploring the players on the market, we found out that other brands do not talk about emotional benefits. And it’s very wrong, as the light really affects one’s mood. Based on this fact, we came up with a brand name representing the main benefit of good lighting: it can extend the light day, make you more energetic and productive. Our lamp is like the second sun, available 24/7, that’s why the brand name suggests choosing the DAYON mode that is to switch on one’s day. Now you can rest, work and live whenever you want. Our bulbs will help you with that.

The idea in the brand name is followed by a round badge-sun and minimalistic font logo representing a power button of a speaker.


We reflected our craving for clarity in the packaging. Light bulbs have many characteristics that are not easy to understand. We used an even light background, neat icons and, most importantly, we structured the information to make it easier. This approach made DAYON stand out among the visual noise on the shelves.

One’s attention to the packaging is attracted by two key elements: printed content and the circle-sun. The latter represents the color temperature: yellow means warm white light, red means neutral white. And due to large figures one can make a decision faster, as the power of the bulbs is easily visible on a shelf.

DAYON meets people's need for affordable and simple energy-saving light bulbs, and its visual can be easily adjusted for new products in the range.