Esse is a brand we created from scratch for the Ukrainian perfume company. Before working on the name and logo, we analyzed the market and competitors in the industry. We came to the conclusion that the modern perfume market was completely faceless from the visual point of view. Logos of well-known brands were limited to the usual typeface, and less known brands did their best to copy them. We decided that such state of things was an opportunity for a new brand to stand out on the shelf and bring its main idea to the audience.

    In the process of creating a big idea and brand logo, we reflected on what different aromas consisted of. Any perfumery has countless range of smells, but each can be attributed to one of three natural elements: air, water or earth.


    The idea of ​​Esse's natural aromas was a basis for the logo: it contains all the elements, each of the four letters of the name stands for a separate element. We came up with image visuals to reveal the idea of naturalness. Using the associative elements, we developed the idea embedded in the logo.



    • Silver at “Ukrainian the very best of” competition