Bon Boisson

While working on communication for Bon Boisson, we had to solve a difficult problem - to carve out a niche for a brand in a tight market of mineral water.

We hardly have anything to add to individual market segments. Thanks to the massive communications of the competitors, people already know which kind of water athletes should drink, which one is best for travelers or caring parents.

In order to create a communication that will help the brand draw attention of the customers, we decided to shift the focus from certain categories and look at the market in general. This helped us to notice the important thing we based our future commercial on.

Messages and target audiences of water brands are different. But the tone of voice of most communications stays within one semantic meaning. For our purpose, we called it “successful success”.

All people are successful in mineral water commercials. Athletes are motivated, businessmen are prosperous, and parents are never tired. Celebrities in such commercial are successful by default. "Successful success" gave us an opportunity to differentiate.

“Bon Boisson is a good natural water for real (non-commercial) people.” This is the positioning we defined for the brand. It’s water for mere mortals – same as us and you, successful and athletic in our own way, with our strengths and weaknesses. People who remind you of your different self. Same real as Bon Boisson water.

We based our commercial on true stories and real characters. People who take a break during a jog to take a breath. People who do not always hit the target. People, who - oh, the horror! – get a hangover. People who sometimes lack motivation or self-confidence.

This video is about people; awkward, funny, tired, graceful and thoughtful people. About people like us.