Explosive print ads

Our friends and customers constantly grant us bragging rights. They launch useful new products, enter the global market, and constantly rank first in the industry ratings. And we always come to the rescue, when they need to celebrate a particularly important achievement in style.

But there is no royal road to victory. The very few get to the top. And the most important thing distinguishing the winners is the phenomenal commitment and stamina. The rest just burn out. This concept formed the basis for the creative idea of a print and break bumper for the digital agency Aimbulance, which in 2017 once again was acknowledged to be the advertisers’ No. 1 choice.

For several weeks we had been searching for ways how to blow up light bulbs and make it look beautiful. There were many test explosions, different compositions, broken glass and noise. The lamps turned out to be stronger than we thought. Our producer with the team and pyrotechnician tried a dozen different ways.

It was a really dangerous shooting. But on the set, these fearless guys were not afraid for their health, but for the beautiful shots. The explosion lasts a split second, so we had only one chance. And we did it. One shot – one hit.