Hotspot School of English is a member of our big Arriba! family. Shooting for yourself is always a challenge. ‘Cause there is no more harsh critic of your work than yourself. That’s why we decided to start from the scratch — from the principles Hotspot was based on. 

Intense learning and systematic approach to the grammar are the cornerstones of the school’s methodology. A lot of homework, tests, exams, expulsions, sleepless nights — they all are a compulsory part of studying in Hotspot. Only super-motivated people can manage working in such circumstances, only those who need a language for a career not as a ‘tick the box’ exercise. And they need it fast. Hotspot works with such students. 

We decided to make a straight conversation on situations when Hotspot is not a suitable solution — to highlight the school differentiation and commitment. Four teachers explain face to face to the audience, who should not come to their school and why. Dark colors, architectural compositions, disturbing soundtrack, general atmosphere of tension and underground deliver to possible students a message that they won’t be able to ‘give a damn’ to homeworks, to be absent at classes and to study light here.

We created Hotspot strongly believing that effective education cannot be comfortable a priori. If you want to master something, you will have to work hard, learn, make mistakes, work on them and learn again, do one exercise after another, prepare for tests and exams. At times, there will be a desire to give up everything, because well, hell with it. Because the world around us promotes the illusion of simple solutions.

While sustainable skills for adults are formed only through hard work. Especially when it comes to good language.

Hotspot School of English is a school of super-efforts and super-results. If you decided to come to us but not ready to work hard, you know our answer. 

Don’t. Just don’t.

Max Burtsev, creative director, co-founder of Hotspot.

Client — Hotspot School of English

Agency & Production: Arriba!

Max BurtsevСreative Director, Scriptwriter;
Lada Sabova — Director;
Paul Itkin — DOP & Editor & Color grading;
Meriam Yol — Producer;
Vlad Chernolyasov — 1st AC;

Sergey Krinitsky — Gaffer;
Vyacheslav ZabashtaFoley;
Vasily Yavtushenko — Dolby re-recording mixer;
Palokio — Music;
Valery Solieri — Location Sound Recordist;
Sound — 4Ears Sound Production;
Vasily Yavtushenko — Supervising sound editor;
Pavel Melnik — Sound editor;

Ilona Golubeva — Make up & Hair;
Roman Radchenko — Designer;
Mental Complex Studio — Location;
Mam.rental — Technical support; 

Special Thanks: to the best teachers-actresses: Olya, Marina, Sveta and Rita! And also to Natasha, Vladimir, Denis, Lesha and Maria.