While working on packaging for Confectum soft candy, we created a whole marshmallow world. Now the brand is launching a second product line and asked us to help with the packaging design again. 


The new Confectum marshmallow has a special feature - it has a fruit filling now. The product line is more expensive than the previous one, so our goal was to make the packaging more premium, while maintaining the consistency of the marshmallow world.



We analyzed packaging in Western markets and identified the trends: minimalism, custom illustrations, bold colors and patterns.

Search for a solution

The story of the marshmallow world could go on in different ways. We thought about a new dimension of taste, about the integrity of shape and content, we even compared the novelty of the new line with art. But the winner was the liveliest concept in all senses.



It’s easier to love a living thing than artificial or abstract one. That’s why, the residents of the Marshmallow planet on the first packaging became popular.

In the second packaging, we decided to show how the animal world looks on our planet. In order to highlight a unique feature of the product - marshmallow and filling - we drew animals made of different bright fruit patterns. So we ended up with banana lions, peach penguins, vanilla lemurs and lime llamas. 


Therefore, the second story of the marshmallow world solved two problems. The first is the packaging design of the new product line. The second is the creation of a visual design tool that can be scaled to add new flavors to the line.


Customer speaks

“We decided to develop the idea of the marshmallow world in several product lines. This time creative team of “Arriba!” had to create another world with unusual bright characters trigerring positive emotions. At the same time, the packaging of marshmallow with the filling should have been different from the classic product line, since this product is more complex and expensive - premium for this segment. We had to find the right combination of brightness, excitement and high end. The team managed to find a solution again, it turned out very cool!"


Olga Odarchuk, marketing expert