Le Silpo

Advertising campaign development: creative idea, photoshoot, design.

Production: Arriba! photoproduction

The delicacy markets chain Le Silpo is known for the fact that its products put you in a festive mood. They seem to come out from a fairy tale, and the only difference that you can carry them home and eat. We’re especially craving for this feeling towards the end of the year. The brand used 3D images in its communication for long time, but this winter everyone wanted real magic.

In Le Silpo New Year's campaign we focused on print ads revealing festive potential of real food. We used kilograms of tangerines of five different varieties, two quiet models, a gingerbread house and a year supply of sparkling decorations. There was no rendering - only real products, our designers and photographer.


We tried to visually emphasize this “realness”. Each tangerine twist was cut by hand, gingerbread house was baked according to a full-size sketch. The guys on the set were literally breathing sparkles and sneezing holidays. All effects on camera were created only by the light and the most natural retouching.

During winter 2017-2018, our print ads created festive mood in outdoor advertising in Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkiv and Odessa.