Farmers are brave. Even if they do everything right, there is always a risk of losing the products of their labour due to unpredictable weather.

Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta has developed a MeteoProtection program to support farmers. Whether it’s surplus or not enough rainfall, low or high temperature, hail - the farmer receives compensation for every degree or millimeter of precipitation outside the norm.

While working on the concepts for the video, we focused on the farmer: how he feels about the weather, what he thinks about it and what he wants. We interviewed the professionals and analyzed their social media posts in order to find a solution.

As a result, we defined a wish that is common not only for farmers, but for everybody in general. It’s a wish to turn back time and do things differently. We decided to fulfill this wish and turn the weather around. The hail rises from the ground, cracks in the dried up soil disappear, and the drops return to the clouds.

The farmer may not be able to turn back time, but Syngenta brings back self-confidence. The compensation received by the agronomist becomes an investment in the future, in grains, fertilizers and crop protection products. Therefore, the farmer knows he can overcome bad weather again and again.

“We bring back the confidence” is the slogan of our advertising campaign.

The shooting has become the most ambitious not only for Arriba! Production, but also for whole creative Kharkiv community.

The team of more than 30 people spent 38 hours in two days at the production sets. For many of them the first shooting day began even before dawn. We paid close attention to all the details. Therefore, the forces of nature had to be really raging, even on sunny filming shifts. As a result, we made the hail out of industrial gel, and a fire engine was used to pour the rain.

The scenes looked really epic in the lens of Phantom HD Gold camera. Each of the elements is really mesmerizing recorded at 1000 frames per second.

The communication strategy for MeteoProtection was our third collaboration with Syngenta.
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Arriba! Creative Agency:

Max BurtsevСreative Director;
Olya NagornayaAccount Group Head;
Staska PadalkaСreative group head;
Alesya Panina — Designer;
Sergey Rud — Copywriter.

Client: Syngenta

Roman KhripkoHead of Agronomic Risk Protection Division for Eastern Europe;
Ksenia GladichMeteoProtection Project Manager.

Arriba! Production:

Lada SabovaDirector;
Paul ItkinDOP;
Meriam Yol, Denis GalushkaProducers;
Inna Alimova, Alesya PaninaArt Department;
Konstantin Goncharov1st Assistant Camera;
Olga Budnik, Anastasia FedotovaMakeup;
Maria BliznyukStoryboards;
Dmitry Nezhelskiy Voice;
Sergey Listunov Actor;
Lada SabovaEditor;
Artur KozhevnikColor Grading;
Anatoly SamoilenkoVFX;
Gleb Kovalyov — VFX;
Konstantin Garbuzyuk Composer;
Valerii Soliery Sound Design;
Egor PisarenkoPost-production Сoordinator;
Vladimir KorovkoMaking of;
Ernest KhanBackstage Photo;
Svetlana Sviridenko, Daniil Sirenchenko, Maxim Polituchiy, Alexey Baglay, Sergey Babynin, Bogdan SinyavskiyHelpers;
Alena Lapina Catering;
Victoria EvseevaLegal Support.

Technical Support — RECRENTAL

Vitaliy LastivkaCamera Mechanic;
Vladislav Shkolny  — Gaffer;
Pavel Akulov Engineer;
Alexey Lozovoy, Yaroslav Filish Lights;
Evgeniy PiskunManager.

Best "Phantom HD Gold" — Patriot Rental

Natella Kikawa1st Camera Engineer;
Sergey GerasimenkoCamera Engineer.

Special thanks to

Yuriy Belinskiy, Igor Vasilievich, Yuriy Vasilievich and the whole team of Zolochiv Fire Station; Ice Fabrik, Kostya Stetsenko, Denis Chmelev, Denis Fesenko, Garage Hub, Evgenia Kholodnaya and the best shepherd Omero.