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Figure this: you’re lying on a couch in a warm room, watching your favourite TV series with a cozy cat in your arms. And suddenly your wife asks you to go out on the balcony and fetch some canned cucumbers. Or, even worse - to pick the laundry that was drying out there on a rope. And it’s raining outside. And the balcony is not glassed-in. So you’re standing in front of the balcony door, bracing yourself, making a deep breath… and stepping out in the rain.

When the balcony isn’t glassed-in, every journey out there turns into a small heroic deed, turning you from a common person into an experienced old sea dog during rainy autumn, an alpinist - during snowy winter, and into a Beduin - during stuffy summer. This simple insight became the basis for a series of prints for “Balcony Service” company that deprives people of the need to become balcony heroes 😉