Package design

Package design.

Collaboration of “Masterskaya Kofe”, Sergey Babkin and Arriba!

The recipe of a successful collaboration is as follows:

  • take the new single of Sergey Babkin “She Knows”;
  • add your favourite sort of seeds from the musician of “Masterskaya Kofe”;
  • mix it with the pure love of the guys from “Masterskaya” to coffee and the songs of Sergey Babkin; 
  • add a pinch of creativity from Arriba!;
  • and season everything with the love to Kharkiv.

And that’s it — you get a limited series of coffee boxes from “Masterskaya Kofe” dedicated to the release of the single “She Knows” with the design from Arriba!

The idea of the box design appeared as follows:

The song “She Knows” is the confession or the letter to HER. We started looking for and reading through the love and romantic letters of great men to their Women and Muses. And we noticed that all of them were handwritten. They were not sent through e-mail or SMS. The point is that physical letters contain energy, power and the can be kept for years and read again and again. We thought it over and decided to turn the design of the box into a handwritten piece of the letter from HIM to HER.

Boxes of coffee can be bought in all the shops of “Masterskaya Kofe”, at the concerts of Sergey Babkin as well as at the following link with the delivery to any place in the world.

We wish you some tasty coffee and good music 🙂