Packaging creation

Packaging creation.

The market of bottled perfume is faceless. Most players use transparent and color plastic which looks cheap. It gets scratched easily, blurs in the sunlight. For ESSE, the brand we created from scratch, we needed packaging which would be visible on the shelf, convenient to use and not associated with a cheap product.

The first stage was searching for an unusual and convenient shape that would be difficult to confuse with competitors. And blockbuster “The Fifth Element” by Luc Besson could not have come at a better time. As we all know, the movie evolves around artifact stones, so powerful that they can save the whole planet from being destroyed. The sources of power of these tall triangular stones with some carvings were the essences of natural elements they contained. By coincidence, those are the same elements we used in ESSE brand story.


Besides the noticeable and visually expensive geometry, the shape of the stones solved one more task - it targeted the specific pain point of B2B customers of the brand. Round and oval bottles create a lot of voids, being in the boxes. Therefore, when order is delivered by a courier, a customer often overpays for the air in the boxes.

“We were the first to take care of optimizing storage space. No other perfume bottles take so little space, fitting together like pieces of jigsaw puzzle.”

Alexey Ilyin, ESSE founder.


The black color was also chosen for a reason. Black opaque plastic increases the visual value of a product on a colorful shelf and is perceived as a serious player. Besides, it protects the perfume from direct sunlight. Colored elements in the logo and on the lid (turquoise for men’s fragrances, and pink - for women’s) were added only to facilitate the process of search for the right bottle by both sellers and customers.

“Thanks to the black, neat and stylish packaging we were able to fill a niche in a higher price segment in bottled perfumery, which no one managed to do before”.

Alexey Ilyin, ESSE founder.