Brand identity and packaging creation.

“Kohana” is a brand of cool bars made of fruits and nuts without preservatives and harmful additives. They contain only natural ingredients, only benefit and care for people. The founder, a former owner of a vegetarian restaurant, came to us looking for new packaging and brand identity.

There’s a wide choice of bars in the market of healthy snacks, both purely natural, as well as with additives. Most of the packaging talks about rational benefits like unusual ingredients, vitamins and minerals, weight loss or calories. That’s why the client was happy with our suggestion to make emotional packaging.



We were thinking about emotions, characters and moods and how they correspond to the taste of bars. That’s how we came up with a series of nine portraits displaying the taste not just as particular fruit or berry, but as happy, in love, excited, relaxed - just look at these portraits! Have you noticed before that blueberry is mysterious? And that chocolate can be daring, grapefruit - easy going, and sea buckthorn - tender and caring like home-made jam? Now every package in the series has its own memorable character, color and taste.


Brand identity

It was based on the plants images and ingredients of the bars. They are the ones uniting all product lines of the brand. You can find pumpkin, sea buckthorn, cocoa beans, blueberries, monstera leaves, fern, palm trees, etc. in the patterns. They are used individually for the stickers and on the website. Notice: they were not placed on the bars themselves in order not to distract from the characters.


Packaging artwork was created in different styles so we needed a general element, simple enough to be balanced with each of them. That’s how a white bubble plate appeared. This shape came up logically from the brand backstory, which was originally called “Kohana, tse tobi” (“Darling, this is for you”). The husband, restaurant owner was coming home saying this and devoting new recipes to his wife. Our bubble is a symbolic reference to these conversations. Its shape can easily be changed for the new lines, at the same time keeping the visual consistency. We also softly fitted a stylized flower in the font logo.


The created identity reflects the mood of the brand, is natural and dynamic. You can play with it for a long time, adding new elements, using new formulas - while staying recognizable. It scales to different media: from stickers and wobblers to brand walls for exhibitions and multi-page website.

It works even without color: the logo and fruit arrangements look good on wooden show boxes, burnt with a laser. Now the identity is used for other products of the brand.



We decided to give up the “craft” and natural textures, because competitors used them often enough to evoke consumer skepticism. Instead, we used matte film, since it visually makes the product more valuable. We tried to make bright colors as food-related and natural as possible. We changed the hierarchy of information on the package, in order to highlight the natural ingredients of the bar and its taste. It worked out cool.

In 2018, the natural bars “Kohana” are sold in supermarkets, vegetarian stores, large cinema chain, gas stations and continue to expand their presence.