Video shooting.


We shot this short movie for the project with a big idea to unite Ukrainian crop farmers and support the falling market.

Our client was Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta. The company uses research, technology and products for the sustainable agriculture development in Ukraine. And now it’s more important than ever.

Ukrainian farmers are experiencing hard time. A few years ago, the main export destinations for vegetables, fruits and potatoes closed. The purchasing power of Ukrainians decreased. Market stalls are flooded by imported goods. It’s getting more and more difficult to make money in this market, so farms are switching to less demanding crops.

In order to support Ukrainian crop farmers, Syngenta founded the “Strategic Partners Club”. It’s a place where manufacturers of all sizes, packers, retailers and exporters can meet, establish partnership and exchange information. “Team play wins the day”, as aptly mentioned one of the characters.

After face-to-face meetings with farmers, we realized that classic advertising is the most inefficient way of communication with them. There are a lot of risks in this business. Profit depends on unpredictable factors: weather, malfunctioning equipment, pests, plant diseases. Our farmers needed certainty and hard evidence. Therefore, we told real stories.

In the movie, the directors of large vegetable and fruit production companies in Ukraine talk about hard time for their business. Three stories are united by one thing: partnership and experience exchange helped them to come out winners. These people are known in the industry, they are trusted. Our real life case studies will attract new members to the club and inspire farmers having their own hard time.

The short movie delivers the idea that in our economy partnership is the only way for farms and all players in the value chain. We tried to convince people to stop hiding and start talking to each other.

We shot in three different regions of Ukraine - in the fields and at the production sites of three large crop farms. The team tried to show the scale of enterprises and the most important thing: the decisions our main characters talk about really provided the basis for their success.