Ukrainian Marketing Forum

“We want to show marketers who are fond of their work and annoy their friends, family and relatives talking about marketing in a series of videos,” – that’s the brief we received from our friends Angry agency and got busy.

The project took us 24 days, from the request receipt to the final file transfer.

In the beginning was the Word treatment. The main element is an imaginary theatre, where we stage real-life situations looking like scene studies. The theatre is not classical, but rather absurd. All the events are real life but take place in a weird context and with weird characters. The idea is based on the insight - a real tragedy for forum participants and a comedy for viewers of the video. Admit it, it is a stage piece.

Later was non-stop preparation. Like there are no two identical performances in a theatre, there cannot be identical shootings in production. Now we know:

  • you need 109 meters of fabric to set up scenery of a theatre curtain,
  • you need one sewer and 48 hours to sew this fabric,
  • live casting is a guarantee of a perfect actor,
  • though you rehearse with actors a lot, but it is still funny on set,
  • no wonder everyone loves ALEXA Mini camera,
  • it may take 72 hours to find a perfect pink men's suit,
  • if the project seems easy at the start, there will be comments like “thank you for an unexpectedly interesting task” during postproduction,
  • shooting is half the battle. Delivering 45 media is the second half,
  • filming others’ ideas is awesome if the ideas are awesome.

Well, and finally was the shooting. You can watch forever other people, for example us, working.


Nobody is going to argue that the quality of execution of a creative idea directly depends on the production. We were lucky with a production partner. We were limited by tight deadlines and resources, but thanks to the dedication of the Arriba! Production team, bold creative moves and a well-organized shooting process, we brought our “A” game. We liked the result, and, just as important, we enjoyed the process.

Irina Bondarenko, producer of the Ukrainian Marketing Forum.

Client: Ukrainian Marketing Forum
Irina Bondarenko — producer

Agency: Angry 

Production: Arriba! Production

Lada Sabova — Director;
Paul ItkinDOP;
Meriam Yol, Denis GalushkaProducers;
Inna Alimova Art Director;
Lena Vyazovskaya, Max ParamArt Department;
Vitaliy BachakoGaffer;
Vlad Chernolyasov1st Assistant Camera;
Pavel Likhota1st Camera Engineer;
Artem NesterovCamera Engineer;
Victoria BugrovaCamera Assistant;

Max ArsenyukVFX;
Lada SabovaEditor;
Artur KozhevnikColor Grading;
Ilona GolubevaStyle;
Katya IlchenkoMakeup;
Gleb SerdyukMaking of;
Diana StrizhenkovaHelper;
Victoria Evseeva
Legal Support;

Sound  4Ears Sound Production
Vasiliy YavtushenkoLocation Sound Recordist;
Vasiliy YavtushenkoSound Supervisor&designer;
Pavel MelnikSound Editor; 
Vyacheslav Zabashta Foley.

PX RentalTechnical Support;
Mental Complex StudioLocation.