Strategy, video shooting

Strategy, video shooting,

Production: DGTL RLGN
Director: Max Ksjonda
DOP: Dmitriy Nedria
2nd unit DOP: Sveta Aparina
1 AD: Mariko Becher
Executive Producer: Alexey Zgonik
Line Producer: Yulia Pavliuk
Producer Assistant: Valentyn Petyshkin
PM: Tanya Lambo
Wardrobe Stylist: Elena Ignatenko
Makeup: Maria Tkachuk

Ukraine is one of the ten leading corn producers in the world and one of the top five exporters. However, every year agricultural producers face risks leading to a decrease in this crop production.

It's all about the weather.

Corn can be capricious. Spring frosts damage young sprouts, summer drought restrains plant growth, heavy rainfall contributes to disease progress. Hail and wind destroy the harvest.

Weather turns into a real enemy for farmers. It’s dangerous, unpredictable, crop destroying. Having lost battle with the enemy year after year, many farmers give up, switch to cheap seeds or, even worse, to other, less picky crops.

In a new project for Swiss company Syngenta, we decided to try to change the farmers’ attitude to their main enemy, and explain that they should not be afraid of the weather when they have quality seeds and a proven partner. A partner who will support them from sowing to harvesting and much further. By the way, this is our second job for the Swiss giant. Check out our first project to promote the “Strategic Partners Club”.