Packaging creation.

“Lisova kazka” approached us looking for packaging for soft marshmallow. It’s known all over the world as marshmallow, one of the most iconic American sweets. But while in the USA they have been marketed since the 20s of the last century, in Ukraine this product is still considered exotic. We have no images and traditions associated with marshmallow, except a few movie scenes. Our study revealed that Ukrainians perceive the product as cheap and only for kids, and it occupies the lower shelves in stores.

In-depth interviews and content analysis led us to a more serious task: we didn’t only have to develop packaging, but to recreate, present and explain the product.



First of all, we had to understand why people eat sweets in the first place. Having studied in detail the product and customers’ needs, which are met by the entire confectionery category, we identified three main motives. And we focused on joy of sharing - the one which corresponded best to the format of our product and its packaging.

A big pack of sweets is a great way to "gather your tribe around the campfire." We meet our friends and family, watch movies, share stories having tea and sweets. The feeling of joy from a quality time spent with others formed the basis of the concept.


“Marshmallow World”

Then we were looking for visual codes that would allow the product to expand its audience from the kids to families. We studied trends, checked popular cartoons and toys, and got inspiration from stickers in messengers. And most of the time we came across deliberately fantastic characters - weird, but attractive.

That’s how we came up with the idea to create a magical and a bit weird marshmallow world and its inhabitants who always have fun together. The inhabitants were of different colors, shapes and sizes, with no age and no worries. Some of them reminded of animals, some resembled objects, others were absolutely fantastic, but all of them were very friendly and easy-going.

Each pack is an episode from the world where characters are busy with their important marshmallow errands together. This world and its characters became the basis of all future communications of the brand. They can also be used to release stickers, toys and cartoons.


Natalya Lysak, Head of the Marketing Department, “Lisova Kazka LLC”:

The first reaction to the concept of “Marshmallow World” can be described by the word "shocked". It’s really very different from any of direct competitors in confectionery both in Ukraine and other countries ... “Marshmallow World” has become our world, and its bizarre characters are like family members.


As a result, Ukrainians got cheerful sweets, with the packaging suggesting how to pamper their family and spend some quality time together. The client received not just packaging, but a visual system that scales to the entire product line and can be the basis for future communications.


Olga Odarchuk, project manager for marshmallow rebranding, “Lisova Kazka LLC”:

We prepared a brief, included emotional consumer expectations, and creative team managed to deliver everything in “Marshmallow World” concept. For the convenience of working with this concept in future, they developed a style guide, which is very easy and pleasant for us to work with while creating a packaging line for marshmallow.