Don't let them out

The staff of Arriba! strongly believe that any communication should be fair, useful and effective. Communication is a powerful tool which can either make our world better or turn it into something unpleasant. Communication is also a professional tool of journalists, marketing specialists and media workers. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how important it is and usually use it with harmful effect.

Each of us has been the victim of fakes. And it is quite obvious: bombastic titles, vibrant texts and shocking details are the integral components of fakes. They provoke a bunch of emotions within the reader and make a person repost it. Fakes sometimes seem harmless but we are sure that they are really a massive weapon which cannot only break relationship between people and cause tension and stress, but also divide the society and sometimes even cause wars.

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This problem cannot be solved just by pressing the magic button. But we still can do it gradually. For example, it is possible to teach people to use simple factchecking. Avoiding fakes does not require hours of thorough analysis.

One just has to follow very simple rules: read the articles till the end and check whether similar information is mentioned in the listed sources and big media. Finally, it is also possible to look for the refutation of the news in order to see its backside.

Our strategist Vlad had to chew the herring for half an hour, Roma, the copywriter, was gulping pasta and the mouth of Dima, the designer, was struggling with a kraken. All these sacrifices were for the sake of the implementation of the idea.

Arriba! Strategic Creative Agency

Max Burtsev — creative director;
Roma Hlilebov copywriter;
Dima Alimov — designer, art-director;
Natasha Kuzmina — craft designer;
Pavel Itkin — photographer, post-production;
Meryam Yol — producer.