Time to think
as a customer
Advertising campaign for Marketing Directors' Forum

For the fourth time our agency has been a creative partner of Ukrainian Marketing Directors' Forum.This time the main subject is crucial for us, the admen, - development in a down economy and behavioral economy. Today, companies must move from the monologue, when a customer is bombarded with product descriptions in superlative form, to the dialogue, first of all answering the question of how a product can take part in a person's life, his problems and tasks solving. We are sure that it’s not enough to know the socio-demographic characteristics of target audience for a brand to build a successful communication with its customers. In order to succeed in the market, brands have to understand the underlying causes of their customers’ behavior, know their lifestyle, motives, barriers, insights, speak the same language. That’s why we decided to focus our campaign 2015 on this simple idea.


"Our approach to the forum promotion has always been based on the fact that a creative idea should convey the main subject of the event and the message should stand out of the general visual noise. It’s really good if it can be done as a self-irony. We consider "Mimicry" as a bright idea meeting all these criteria and reminding our audience that Marketing Directors' Forum is an event that should not be missed."

Irina Bondarenko, producer of the Ukrainian Marketing Directors' Forum.


Four mentors of Marketing Directors' Forum were the heroes of advertising campaign: Igor Didok, Natalia Koshevaya, Roman Gavrysh and Andrei Fedorov. Besides, it was not the first time Igor Didok and Andrey Fedorov were shot in the event commercial. Well-known marketing experts and advertising specialists appeared in the commercial in extremely unusual images, trying on clothes and style of target audience representatives of different brands. Such presentation was designed not only to attract the attention of marketing experts, but also to convey the main subject of the year: during the forum, marketing directors will learn to understand their target audience and its behavior in the setting of changes.


Both traditional and unusual communication channels were used in advertising campaign that started on February 26: outdoor advertising and radio, web promotion and business publication advertising, as well as non-traditional formats of potential participants engagement.


Radio commercial

Visuals were supported by a series of 11 radio commercials with the same idea of ​​"Audio lessons". The commercials were designed as a "listen and repeat" game, their task was to teach the marketing specialists the slang of their target audience. After listening, everyone could learn how to communicate as a customer and, in particular, what "preppy" or "nerd" meant.