Techno Ezh
Series of commercials

Creative Director: Max Burtsev
Art Director: Lena Yakovleva
Copywriter: Staska Padalka, Andrey Mishchenko

Additional credits:
DOP — Kirill Gonchar
Producer — Meriam Yol

We know everything about the law of working with technology. The power of irritation because of a broken computer is equal to the volume of tasks that need to be done using this computer multiplied by the lack of time.

Malfunctioning machine becomes moody: it does not want to open the folders, takes long time to wake up, overheats or does not respond at all. And of course, it’s very annoying.

It’s not recommended to save up anger, it’s recommended to save up for a new laptop. For example, for a Macbook. For example, in “Technoezh”.

In a series of commercials for electronic store “Technoezh”, we reminded once again about the solution of the problem. It’s time to upgrade a broken computer to a new reliable assistant.

We wrote the script ourselves, played it ourselves, shot it ourselves. If we had some extra parts, we called our friends. We edited it ourselves, did the design and post-production. We also sent it to the festivals ourselves. As a result, the episode Lagging got shortlisted at ADC * UA 2018 in the Online/Viral Videos category.