Office 365
Print adverts for Innoware on demand of Microsoft Ukraine

Consulting company Innoware is specialized in enterprise resource management systems (ERM) and is a certified Microsoft gold partner. One of the new software products designed to optimize the work of enterprises is Microsoft Office 365. The company came to us asking for the strategy of its promotion.

During the research, we identified the main decision-making schemes for purchasing, prepared customers’ portraits and identified the barriers. The client received a strategic promotion plan with key messages for each level of the communication funnel. We developed print adverts for the first of them in order to show how the strategy will be implemented.

The barrier at the knowledge level was that the customer didn’t know what made Office 365 fundamentally different from traditional editors. Five years after the release, the product was still perceived as another update to the Office suite. Therefore, we had to show its main feature.

Office 365 is a cross-platform office suite with cloud storage. Synchronized files can be edited on a computer, using mobile application and browser version. It means you can work on any device, anywhere. It’s like your workplace is unfolding, wherever you are. The concept of print adverts "Office is where you are" was based on this idea.

The contrast of the environment and the central object attracts attention. The visual itself turned out to be laconic and restrained – in the Microsoft style. And thanks to the slogan, we remained relevant for freelancers who are also using the product. Now the print adverts are used on the website and for the banners.