Agrico Ukraine, a market leader with a 50% share, has been supplying selected seed potatoes from Holland for more than ten years, growing it in its own premises in Ukraine and providing technological support to customers at all stages, from sowing to storage. Now Agrico grew into its own brand of packed potato.
Our task was to bulid a brand from scratch, create and develop the culture of potato consumption in Ukrainians.


Today, the quality of potato in the market is not stable. Competitors allow themselves to sell tubers of various sizes, with internal defects, deep eyes, sprouted or damaged by pests. They use the fact that people know little about potato.
Interviews with buyers have shown that potato is perceived as a very simple, understandable product. “Potato is potato, that’s what it is.” Moreover, most of people do not even know that potato can be white and pink, let alone the varieties. Almost all respondents mentioned that explanation and hints would help them make a purchase decision.
That’s how we realized that people need a potato expert, who will tell them about new varieties, tastes, ways of cooking; who will teach them to know the difference and get pleasure from the right potato dishes.

The parent brand, Agrico, was an excellent match for this role, and the product was therefore positioned as selected packed potato from experts in their field. We deal only with potato and therefore we know everything about them.


The brand name developed by us refers to the origins of potato culture in South America. Papas was the name of “ground nut”, consumed by the Indians, recorded by Spanish colonialists in the XVI century. And the Spanish papás, “fathers, parents”, reflects the role of our farmers: they treat potato as their offspring, care for it and do everything possible and impossible for it. The brand got a masculine, yet friendly, caring personality that suits our audience.


Brand identity

Bright brand identity, based on the potato field pattern, distinguishes Papas in the sales outlets. It’s used to seal wooden boxes, shoppers, aprons, at the same time preserving brand recognition on smaller media.

In print media we use a design cardboard with elements of silk screen, stamping, gilding and varnishing. All this adds texture and value to the brand. The best part about the style is that the customer can create new media himself, cutting out a piece of the required size from the brand pattern.


We developed the idea of ​​obsession with the product in the packaging. Potato becomes the main character in the visionary world of our papas-farmers. They love it so much that they see it everywhere. We placed the photos of our farmers on the back side of the packaging to introduce them to people and show that we are personally responsible for each potato in a package.

You can already buy packed potato from Papas experts in the Goodwine retail chain.


After the first meeting, we took a sigh of relief and realized that Arriba! team is exactly what we needed.

“Potato can also be sexy”, that’s the statement we began our strategic session with. We needed help in accumulating our ideas and a fresh approach of those who can fall in love with potato same madly as we did!

We are more than happy with the results of our work. At the moment, potato of PAPAS brand can already be found on the shelves of Good Wine stores. It is in great demand, because you just can’t pass by this unique packaging concept.

Customers like the message we carry through all available communication channels and it resonates with us, because we really are “In love with potatoes” and “Experts in our field”. And it’s the team of the creative agency Arriba! who helped us bring to life at first glance the craziest ideas. 

Nikolay Gordiychuk, Managing Director of Agrico Ukraine LLC