Name, logo, corporate identity

There is a new place in Kharkiv serving hot dogs with original sauces. We created the concept of the restaurant: developed positioning, name, logo and corporate identity.


On the one hand, there is a growing trend for street food. Street food festivals support the local trend, while increase in the speed of life contributes to the global growth. On the other hand, the street food culture in Ukraine is developed only in the burger segment, and in terms of hot dogs it’s just emerging. But they are becoming more popular: you can even find hot dogs on the restaurant menus.


Although there are more and more street food outlets in the city, for many people the category is still associated with dirty-cheap-junk. We decided to fight this stereotype and highlight gastronomic pleasure of street food.

Can street food be prepared by all the standards of fine dining? Maybe it can, if the recipe is created by Oleksandr Bilodid, a finalist of season two of MasterChef, who completed internships at two Michelin-starred restaurants. After dozens of experiments the hot dogs turned out to be a work of gastronomic art. The restaurant interior, developed with a team of designers, immerses the visitors in street aesthetics.

The positioning - street food restaurant inspired by street culture – delivers the message: street food can and should be aesthetic.



Our desire to combine the product and street edge brought us to dogs, free impudent street dogs.

The same dogs Baha Men band was singing about in the song “Who Let The Dogs Out?”. Our hot dogs have exactly same personality. We found the word in the legendary song, and it brings across the right atmosphere.

- Who let the dogs out?
- Woof! Woof! Woof!

That’s how Woof! has been born - a hot dog restaurant inspired by street culture.




The logical course of the story with street dogs was the character in the logo. All we had to do was add that very impudence to the character. To achieve that, we just made the barking bigger than the dog itself.


Corporate identity

There’s a lot to see on the streets of Kharkiv, from small graffiti to huge murals, from random stickers to thoughtful installations, from ravers to punks. Our restaurant is located on a street saturated with street culture.

We decided to use corporate identity to incorporate Woof into street life as a complete work of street art, but at the restaurant level. We chose stickers as the main visual element and drew them using graffiti style: sharp lines, overlapping elements and a random placement.


Customer speaks

“When we came to Arriba! for help, we still didn’t understand what we want. We wanted to create street food, a tasty meal you can grab on your way to work or have in the office for lunch. We teamed up with a great chef and came up with a delicious hot dog. We didn’t have anything but the idea, and that’s what we came with to the guys from Arriba!

The goal was to find common ground with Kharkiv street culture. We wanted to take street food to a new level, tasty, clean, with decent prices and nice staff. So that a customer coming to our restaurant, can try something new and is eager to come back.

When the goals and objectives were determined, we started searching for corporate identity, the sign that will be recognized, the word that will describe our product. We were offered several names and logos - some of them we liked right away, the others were rejected by voting. 

Of course, we had misunderstandings during the process, but they probably helped us become the way our visitors see us now, and this is also cool. As they say, truth is born of arguments, so we are definitely happy with the result of our partnership with Arriba!”

Sergey Krupkin, co-founder of Woof!