Mamin dom

Strategy development, corporate identity, advertising campaign.

“Mamin Dom” has been taking care of babies and expectant mothers for more than 15 years. The brand united shops for children and pregnant women, early learning centers and children's clinics. The company is growing successfully, but recently it faced a problem: many mothers perceived “Mamin Dom” only as “a convenient store of children's clothes and goods”.



We started to solve the problem with a marketing strategy. The team had been talking with mothers and staff for several weeks. During this time we learned all about the difficulties of motherhood – lack of time, money, energy. That every mother wants the best for her baby and she wants to feel like a good mom. It turned out that due to its unique format, our brand covered most of these needs. That’s how “Mamin Dom” became “the first multi-profile chain of health, learning and shopping centers for children,” which allowed them to separate themselves from competitors at the product level.

Corporate identity

We also took care of the brand visual integrity. New corporate identity developed positioning concept and united all three areas: learning, shopping and health. At the same time, it is aligned with the existing logo and makes any media recognizable thanks to the main element represented by a house and animals.


Advertising campaign

In order to increase the project awareness and deliver the benefits of a new format, we launched an advertising campaign. The first stage was print ads displaying mums-influencers.

They represent mums as super pros, who they really are and whom you can learn a lot from. And their main assistant is “Mamin Dom”.

The purpose of the next stages of the campaign is to bring mums maximum benefit and, therefore, create additional brand value.