A new Nordic-style restaurant serving Western cuisine has opened in Kharkiv. And we’ve developed its name, logo and corporate identity.


Our restaurant stands out from other Kharkiv outlets by its two features. First of all, it’s the hygge atmosphere: a feeling of coziness and comfort communication. The second is healthy, and at the same time tasty food. The restaurant uses local ingredients for cooking, the menu is composed by a nutrition expert.



We wanted the name to represent the Nordic roots, cozy atmosphere and healthy food. As a result, we decided to convey the spirit of the north using a word from the local language, and comfort and health benefit - with its meaning.

Jord (Jörð, “yo: rd”), meaning “earth” in Icelandic, is a restaurant with a homely atmosphere, serving healthy dishes made from local ingredients.



Corporate identity

While working on corporate identity, we were thinking about a place Jord should take in person’s life. We came to a conclusion, that the restaurant will be a place with a home/work atmosphere for Kharkiv citizens. You can relax here or sit with your laptop. You can have some me time with nature.

We positioned Jord as a cozy green island in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.


“A restaurant - city garden” - a concept the corporate identity and Jord logo are based on.

The idea of ​​a city garden can be traced in the logo by the design of symbols as natural elements. We transformed the letter J into a branch, O - into an oak leaf, R and D became a fish and a wave.

Corporate identity is based on simple textured forms and images associated with nature.

It represents the aspects of hygge: meditation, contemplation, unity. Black and white colour scheme highlights the premium brand and doesn’t distract people from the beautiful dishes.