Our new project was for Perfumer brand, the leader of Ukrainian market of bulk perfumes.
We have already delivered several projects for this company, one of them was branding for Esse.
One of the company business segments is packaging for cosmetics and perfumes, which has grown to become an independent brand. Our task was to create a name and logo for new brand.
For more than 19 years, our customer has been supplying a variety of jars, bottles, spray bottles and caps of different types and forms.
The name should explain the purpose of the product. It is important since the brand’s target audience is B2B segment.
During the analysis we identified several initial goals - to talk about the advantages, stand out in the mass of obvious descriptive names and remain clear to businessmen. While creating a concept, we were looking for something that can unite all the bottles, jars and caps. And we realized that they are all about the forms. The two main characteristics of our forms are small volumes and diversity of shapes. Millions of forms for milliliters of products.

That’s how the brand name was born: Milliform.


We divided logos in the market of cosmetic package into two groups. The first group is solutions without an idea, including only the company name. The second group is overloaded with elements, images and colors.

We decided to develop the idea of ​​a variety of forms in our logo, at the same time remaining concise.

How can milliform describe variety? Through the word itself. The word “Milliform” has nine letters. It means nine symbols, nine forms.

From tall to short, from wide to narrow, from straight to round, there is a lot of forms and as many fonts.

We made each letter look unlike the others, and united the composition into one style with smooth transitions. We united it in a single brand Milliform.