Online course for the
Patrol Police of Ukraine

The question “How did you spend the summer?” we answer with: we filmed a YouTube training course for the Patrol Police of Ukraine as a production partner of Angry.

The YouTube course includes three main topics: self-defense, physical fitness, and medicine. Any Ukrainian can learn to defend against attacks and grabs; practice doing a warm-up of the whole body; understand how to act to stop bleeding and learn how to make a heart massage.

All the characters are real: Sergiy, Ivan, Vitaly and Ilona are acting patrolmen. They share their experience in nine videos that you can watch right now.

About the making-of:

  • 2020 means it was supposed to be filmed in March, but the world has other plans.
  • 234 frames in one shooting day: where others say it’s crazy, we say — it’s real.
  • Timing prescribed to seconds and the best team is the key to hitting the budget.
  • One ALEXA Mini is good, two are better.
  • We know everything about tactical clothing and footwear.
  • Who said there are 24 hours in a day? When needed, there are 48.
  • The dog on the location means three-minute takes.
  • And traditionally: shooting not your ideas is cool. If the ideas are great.

Everyone needs to watch the course. Share this video with your friends!

Client: Patrol Police of Ukraine

Agency: Angry 

Sergiy MalykCreative Director;
Dasha AndryushchenkoCreative producer;
Inna PolshinaAccount director.

Production: Arriba! Production

Lada Sabova Director & Editor;
Pavlo Itkin DOP;
Meriam Yol, Denis GalushkaProducers;
Pavlo LykhotaDOP ronin 2;
Vadym Lokhach Focus Puller, Camera Mechanic;

Kostya Leshchyna Color Grading;
Kyrylo Andryushchenko Motion design;
Yaroslava Velichko2AD;
Julia KuzmenkoMakeup;
Vladyslav ShkolnyGaffer;

Sound  4Ears Sound Production
Artem EvtushenkoLocation Sound Recordist;
Vasil Yavtushenko Sound Supervisor;
Pavlo MelnikSound Editor;
Vyacheslav ZabashtaFoley.

PX Rental, Rec RentalTechnical Support. — Location.